The innovative Apex Solid OTR Tyre is specially crafted for industrial vehicles which operating in hazardous environments such as scrap yards, slag steel mills, glass works, dumping sites, waste sites and loading fields...ect.

Vehicles with pneumatic tyres while operating in these fields are easily encountering problems such as air leakage tread damages, and even blowouts due to abnormal punctures, cutting, and piercing...etc.

These issues consequently lead to downtime and extra maintenance. When these situations occur often, repair and maintenance becomes too costly and time consuming.

Apex Solid OTR tyre is introduced to solve these issues. With application-driven designs and product features including low heat elastic tread rubber, Enhanced friction fabric-blended base rubber, and unique cushion aperture allocation. Apex is able to provide most cost saving and work efficiency products to meet customer needs.

In addition, via the long-time and low-temperature curing process, we are able to make sure each tyre produced matching customer's expectation as well as quality consistency.